Cheng-hua Wang


Cheng-hua Wang



E-mail: cw30@princeton.edu


Associate Researcher, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica



Ph.D. (Art History), Yale University, U.S.A.
M.A., National Taiwan University, Institute of History, Taipei, Taiwan
 National Taiwan University, Department of History, Taipei, Taiwan

Professional Experience

2008 Visiting Professor spring term, Department of History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University

2007-present Associate Researcher, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica

2001-2007 Assistant Researcher, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica
2005-2006 Harvard Yenching Visiting Scholar

2003 Assistant Professor, Graduate School of History, National Chengchi University

2001-2002 Part-time Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University

1999-2001 Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal


Specialized Field

Visual Culture Studies, Material Culture Studies, History of Chinese Painting, Art Historigraphy


Journal Articles

Cheng-hua Wang, December 2012, “Going Public: Portraits of the Empress Dowager Cixi, circa 1904,”in Nan Nü: Men, Women, and Gender in Early and Imperial China, vol. 14, no. 1 (2012), pp. 119-76.


Cheng-hua Wang, December 2011, “Rediscovering Song Painting for the Nation: Artistic Discursive Practice in Early Twentieth Century China,” Artibus Asiae (AHCI). (見刊登證明)


Cheng-hua Wang, September 2007, “A Northern Song Painting Caught in a Modern Western Situation: A Reflection upon Recent Scholarship in Chinese Art,” The Art Bulletin, vol. LXXXIX, no. 3, pp. 486-95 (AHCI).


Cheng-hua Wang, 2002, “The Qianlong Emperor and His Legacy: The National Palace Museum’s 2002 October Exhibition”, Orientations, 33(8), 60-68.

2002,〈女人、物品與感官慾望:陳洪綬晚期人物畫中江南文化的呈現〉(The Late-Ming Culture of Sensibility: Women and Objects in Chen Hongshou’s Late Figure Painting (1645-52)),《近代中國婦女史研究》,第10期,頁1-57

2001,〈藝術史與文化史的交界:關於視覺文化研究〉(Between Art History and Cultural History: On Visual Culture Studies),《近代中國史研究通訊》,第32期,頁76-89

1998,〈《聽琴圖》的政治意涵:徽宗朝院畫風格與意義網絡〉(Listening to Zither: Court Painting and Imperial Symbolism under the Reign of Huizong (r. 1101-1124)),第5期,頁77-122


Book Chapters

Cheng-hua Wang, submitted, “Art as Commodity: The Business Practices Associated with Suzhou Single-Sheet Prints of the Qing Dynasty”.

Cheng-hua Wang, 2013, “Luo Zhenyu and the Formation of Qiwu (Antiquities) and Qiwuxue (the Studies of Antiquities) in the First Decade of the Republican Era”, editor(s): Yang Chia-ling and Roderick Whitfield, eds, Lost Generation: Luo Zhenyu, Qing Loyalists and the Formation of Modern Chinese Culture, pp. 32-57, London: EAP in conjunction with the Department of History of Art, University of Edinburgh.

Cheng-hua Wang, 2013, “New Printing Technology and Heritage Preservation: Collotype Reproduction of Antiquities in Modern China, Circa 1908-1917,” in Joshua Fogel, ed., The Role of Japan in Modern Chinese Art (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2012), pp. 273-308 and 363-72.

王正華,2012,〈晩明「清明上河図」考ーその都市性をめぐって〉(Urbanism and the Qingming Scrolls of the Late Ming Period),伊原弘編,《「清明上河図」と徽宗の時代ーそして輝きの残照》(東京:勉誠出版社,2012),頁259-92

王正華,2011,《藝術、權力與消費:中國藝術史研究的一個面向》 (Art, Power, and Consumption: One Perspective on the History of Chinese Art)(杭州:中國美術學院出版社,2011)。

Cheng-hua Wang, May 2011, “In the Name of the Nation: Song Painting and Artistic Discourse in Early Twentieth Century China,” in Rebecca M. Brown and Deborah S. Hutton, eds., A Companion to Asian Art and Architecture (West Sussex: Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2011), pp. 537-60.

Cheng-hua Wang, October 2010, “The Qing Imperial Collection, Circa 1905-25: National Humiliation, Heritage Preservation, and Exhibition Culture,” in Wu Hung, ed., Reinventing the Past: Archaism and Antiquarianism in Chinese Art and Visual Culture (Chicago: The Center for the Art of East Asia, Chicago University, 2010), pp. 320-41.

王正華,2005,〈過眼繁華:晚明城市圖、城市觀與文化消費的研究〉(The Representation of Urban Life and the Cultural Consumption of Cityscapes in Late-Ming China),李孝悌編,《中國的城市生活》,頁1-57,台北:聯經出版公司。 

2003,〈呈現「中國」:晚清參與1904年美國聖路易萬國博覽會之研究〉(Representing “China”: The Participation of the Qing Dynasty in the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair),《畫中有話:近代中國的視覺表述與文化構圖》(臺北:中央研究院近代史研究所,2003),頁421-475 

2001,〈從陳洪綬的〈畫論〉看晚明浙江畫壇:兼論江南繪畫網絡與區域競爭〉(Chen Hongshou’s “On Painting”: A Study of Stylistic Networking and Regional Competition in Late-Ming Jiangnan),《區域與網絡:近千年來中國美術史研究國際學術研討會論文集》(臺北:國立臺灣大學藝術史研究所,2001),頁329-79

Conference Papers

Cheng-hua Wang, Dec. 2013, “A New Paradigm of Qingming shanghe: Qianlong’s Agenda for Court Collaborative Paintings”, 32 pages, paper presented at The Making of Chinese Painting: 700 to the Present, London: Victoria and Albert Museum, 2013-12-05 ~ 2013-12-06.

Cheng-hua Wang, April 3-5, 2013, “Prints in Sino-European Artistic Interactions of the Early Modern Period,” a paper presented at the international conference Face to Face: The Transcendence of the Arts in China and Beyond, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon, pp. 1-41.

Cheng-hua Wang, January 14-15, 2013, “The Rise of City Views in Late Ming China,” a paper presented at the international conference Images and the Imagery of Seventeenth Century China, Department of Art History, University of California, Santa Barbara, pp. 1-38.

王正華,June 20-22, 2012,〈城市與視覺商品:清代初中期蘇州版畫的商業面向〉(Art as Commodity: The Business Practices of Suzhou Single-Sheet Prints of the Qing Dynasty),發表於中央研究院「第四屆國際漢學會議」,臺北,頁1-32

Cheng-hua Wang, June 8-10, 2012, “Beijing as Imperial Theater: A Cross-Cultural Perspective on the Images of Qianlong's Eightieth Birthday Celebration,” a paper presented at the international conference A Connective History of Qing Art: Visuality, Images and Imaginaries, Department of Fine Arts, University of Hong Kong, pp. 1-27.

王正華,September 23, 2011, “Global and Local: European Stylistic Elements in Eighteenth Century Chinese Cityscapes,” 發表於「異國奇珍:清宮之舶來品與皇權工作坊」研討會,中央研究院近代史研究所,頁1-50

Cheng-hua Wang, 2010, “My Life, My Reign, and My Empire: Beijing and Images of Qianlong's Eightieth Birthday Celebration”, 38 pages, paper presented at
宮廷與城市workshop, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, 2010-12-22.

Cheng-hua Wang, 2010, “Some Observations on the Business Practices of Eighteenth Century Suzhou Prints”, 20 pages, paper presented at The Color Print in China 1600-1800, London, UK: SOAS, Univeristy of London and Sotheby's Institute of Art, 2010-06-18 ~ 2010-06-19

Cheng-hua Wang, 2009, “Costumes and Customs, Males and Females: Representing Peoples and Places at the Court of Emperor Qianlong (r. 1735-96)”, 36 pages, paper presented at Impact of the West on the Visual Culture of Korea, China, and Japan in the 18th and 19th Centuries, Seoul,Korea: Seoul National University, 2009-12-17 ~ 2009-12-18

Cheng-hua Wang, 2009, “Capital as Political Stage: The 1761 Syzygy in Image,” a paper presented at the international conference Mapping Chinese Cities, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, pp. 1-30.

Cheng-hua Wang, 2008, “A New Vision of Urbanism: Western Elements in Chinese Cityscapes of the Qianlong Period (1736-95)”, paper presented at The Chinese Art of Enlivenment: A Symposium, Cambridge: Department of History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University, 2008-10-24 ~ 2008-10-25

Cheng-hua Wang, 2008, “Luo Zhenyu, His Collection, and the Categorical Formation of Qiwu in the 1910s”, paper presented at Lost Generation: Luo Zhenyu, Qing Loyalists, and the Formation of Modern Chinese Culture, London: School of Asian and African studies, University of London, 2008-08-28 ~ 2008-08-29

Cheng-hua Wang, 2007, “Qing Loyalists and the Transformation of Traditional Cultural Practices in Early Republican China”, paper presented at AAS Annual Meeting, Boston: The Association for Asian Studies, 2007-03-21 ~ 2007-03-24

Cheng-hua Wang, 2006, “Art and Urban Culture in Early Modern China: Cityscapes and Related Issues,” a paper presented at the international symposium History from Unwritten Materials, Kanagawa University, pp. 1-25.

Cheng-hua Wang, 2006, “The Qing Imperial Collection, Circa 1905-25: Emotions, Ideas, and Events”, paper presented at Symposium on Reinventing the Past: Antiquarianism in East Asian Art and Visual Culture, Chicago, USA: Center for the Art of East Asia, Department of Art History, Chicago University, 2006-05-13

Cheng-hua Wang, 2005, “Collotype Reproductions of Antiquities in Early Twentieth-Century China: Technological Competition, Exhibitionary Culture, and Cultural Preservation”, paper presented at The Art of the Book in China, London: School of African and Asian Studies, University of London, 2005-06-14 ~ 2005-06-16

Cheng-hua Wang, 2004, “Song Painting in Modern China: Art and the Sense of Cultural Crisis”, paper presented at Song Painting and its Legacy, New Haven, Connecticut, USA: East Asian Studies, Yale University, 2004-04-03 ~ 2004-04-04

2004清末民初「古物」的發現、展示文化與國族意識”Discovering” Antiquities in Modern China: The Culture of Exhibition and the Sense of National Crisis, paper presented at 玩古賞新-明清的賞玩文化,台北:國立故宮博物院,2004-01-15 ~ 2004-01-16.

王正華,2003,〈乾隆朝蘇州城市圖像:政治權力、歷史記述與文化消費〉(Eighteenth-Century Cityscapes of Suzhou: Political Power, Historical Memory, and Cultural Consumption),發表於中央研究院歷史語言研究所成立七十五週年「過眼繁華:明清江南的生活與文化」國際學術研討會,臺北,頁1-31

Cheng-hua Wang, 2003, “Imperial Treasures, Art Exhibitions, and National Legacy: The Institute for Exhibiting Antiquities in the 1910s”, paper presented at Memory Links: To Self, Country, and Culture in Chinese History, Bloomington, Indiana, USA: East Asian Studies Center, Indiana University, 2003-10-30 ~ 2003-11-2

Cheng-hua Wang, 2002, “Art in Daily Life: Knowledge and Practice in Late-Ming Riyong Leishu”, paper presented at Discourses and Practices of Everyday Life in Imperial China, New York: Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University, 2002-10-25 ~ 2002-10-27

Cheng-hua Wang, 2001, “Presenting the Empress Dowager to the World: Cixi’s Images and Self-fashioning in Late-Qing Politic”, paper presented at New Directions in Chinese Women’s History, New York: Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Center for Chinese Cultural and Institutional History, Columbia University, 2001-02-16 ~ 2001-02-17

Cheng-hua Wang, 1999, “Rethinking the Shijing Scrolls: Text, Images, and Ideology”, paper presented at Text and Image in Chinese Culture, Cambridge, UK: St. John's College, Cambridge University, 1999-12-17 ~ 1999-12-18.


Research Projects

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