Bibliography for Exam Preparation

For the Eastern Art History Program
Visual culture and Painting History:
1. 中國美術全集編集委員會編,《中國美術全集》(繪畫編、書法編),上海:上海人民美術出版社,1988。
2. 世界美術大全集編集委員會編,《世界美術大全集.東洋編》,東京都:小學館,1997-2001。
3. 王伯敏,《中國美術通史》八冊,山東:教育出版社,1988。
4. 石守謙,《風格與世變》,臺北:允晨文化,1996。
5. 楊新、高居翰、巫鴻、班宗華、聶崇正、郎紹君合著,《中國繪畫三千年》,臺北:聯經出版事業,1996。
6. Clunas, Craig, Picture and Visuality in Early Modern China, London: Reaktion Books, 1997.
7. 鈴木敬著,魏美月譯,《中國繪畫史》,臺北市: 國立故宮博物院,1987。
8. Cahill, James, The Distant Mountains: Chinese Painting of the Late Ming Dynasty, New York: Weatherhill, 1982;中譯本《山外山》,臺北:石頭出版社,1997。
9. Cahill, James, The Compelling Image, Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press, 1982;中譯本《氣勢憾人》,臺北:石頭出 版社,1994。

二、Taiwanese and Modern East Asian Art History
1. 《何謂台灣?──近代台灣美術與文化認同論文集》,臺北市:行政院文建會,1997。
2. 顏娟英等譯著,《風景心境:台灣近代美術文獻導讀》,臺北市:雄獅, 2001。
3. 阮荣春、胡光华,《中国近现代美术史》,天津:天津人民美术出版社,2005。
4. 佐藤道信,《明治国家と近代美術―美の政治学》,東京:吉川弘文館,1999。(英文版:Doshin Sato, Modern Japanese Art and the Meiji State: The Politics of Beauty, Los Angeles:J Paul Getty Museum Pubns, 2011)
5. 洪善杓著,稲葉真以、米津篤八訳,《韓国近代美術史甲午改革から1950年代まで》,東京:東京大学出版会,2019
6.  顏娟英、蔡家丘總策畫,《臺灣美術兩百年》(上下冊),臺北市:春山,2022

三、History of Ancient Artifact
1. 田自秉;楊伯達,《中國工藝美術史》,臺北市:文津出版社,1993。
2. 閻文儒,《中國考古學史》,廣西:廣西師範大學出版社,2004。
3. 中國歷史博物館主編,《華夏文明史》,北京:朝華出版社,2002。
4. 劉良佑,《中國工藝美術》,臺北市:藝術家,1983。
5. 曾肅良,《古文物探索》,臺北:三藝圖書公司,2002。
6. 中國美術全集編輯委員會編,《中國美術全集》工藝美術編,臺北市:錦繡,1993-1994。
7. 中國硅酸鹽學會編,《中國陶瓷史》,北京:文物出版社,1982。(台灣有胡氏出版社版)
8. 馬承源,《中國青銅器》,臺北:南天書局,1991。
9. 尤仁德,《古代玉器通論》,北京:紫禁城出版社,2002。
10. 劉岱總主編、陳芳妹等撰,《中國文化新論—美感與造形》,臺北:聯經出版社,1983。


For the Western Art History Program

Gombrich, Ernst H., The Story of Art, Oxford: Phaidon, 2019 (1st edition 1950; 4th edition 1951 available online at
Honour, Hugh and John A. Fleming, The Visual Arts: A History, 7th revised edition, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice
        Hall, 2010 (1st edition 1982)

Janson, Horst W. [et al.], Janson’s History of Art: The Western Tradition, reissued 8th edition, Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson
        Education, 2016 (1st edition 1962)

Kemp, Martin, Art in History: 600 BC–2000 AD, London: Profile Books, 2015 (1st edition 2014)
Koch, Wilfried, A Handbook of European Architectural Styles, London [et al.]: Foulsham & Co Ltd, 1980 (original German edition:
        Kleine Stilkunde der Baukunst, Gütersloh: Bertelsmann, 1967; this book is also available in Chinese)

Summerson, John, The Classical Language of Architecture, London: Thames and Hudson, 1980 (1st edition 1963)


This short reference list aims to help examination candidates get a coherent overview of important developments of Western Art History. Most of the cited titles have been published after the mid-20th century; updated editions are still available showing the books’ importance and topicality. Best start with Kemp, Gombrich and Summerson. “The Koch” (A Handbook of European Architectural Styles) offers a clear, concise and consistent introduction into the stylistic developments of European architecture and contains a glossary (dictionary of technical terms) of architectural terminology. Through reading selected chapters of the comprehensive and richly illustrated surveys by Honour and Janson you will enlarge your knowledge of artworks and monuments and understand better the arts against their historical, political and socio-cultural.