MA Proposal Exam

1. Application Date:
Fall semester: By November 30
Spring semester: By May 31

2. Examination Date:
Fall semester: By January 31
Spring semester: By June 30

3. Application Requirements:
Students of the Graduate Institute of Art History 
(GIAH) can apply for their Master’s Degree Thesis Proposal Examination only when getting 15 or more credits (half of the credits required for graduation) and their advisor’s consent.

4. Examination Committee Members:
A committee composed of 3 to 5 members 
will be convoked for the Master’s Degree Thesis Proposal Examination. The committee should consist of GIAH faculty members (including full-time and adjunct faculty, or visiting fellows), and external members (non NTNU members). At least one-third of the committee members should be external members. The committee is convoked by an external member.
The committee members should have one of the following qualifications:
(1) Has held the position of professor or associate professor.
(2) Is an Academician of the Academia Sinica, or has held the position of
researcher or associate researcher of the Academia Sinica.
(3) Holds a PhD degree and is recognized for academic achievement.
(4) Has academic or professional contributions to rare or special disciplines.

5. Examination Procedure:
(1) Submission of an (approximately) twenty-page thesis proposal
(2) Oral examination
minimum 70 grades is required for passing

6. Students failing the examination are required to repeat it within six months. Only one make-up examination will be permitted. Those who fail in the make-up examination will be ordered to drop out.

7. According to NTNU regulations relating to master’s degree thesis defense, any information about the thesis proposal examination should be separately and secretly sent to each committee member. Students taking the examination are forbidden from involvement in any relevant administrative affairs.

8. Committee members’ fees and transportation expenses are calculated in accordance with NTNU regulations relating to master’s degree thesis defense. GIAH students may apply for subsidization of these fees and transportation for one defense, but in the case of having to make subsequent defenses, must themselves pay the fees and expenses of the committee members.

9. This Procedure for Master’s Degree Thesis Proposal Examination went into effect after being passed by the GIAH Curricular Affairs Committee and the GIAH General Affairs Committee. Any future revisions must follow the same procedure.

Procedure for the Engagement of MA Thesis Advisers
Procedure for Thesis Proposal Examination
GIAH Master’s Degree Thesis Proposal Examination Application Form
For applying MA Thesis Defense, please go to NTNU iPortal. Procedure: (log in to the iPortal >>> click “Educational administration related system” >>> click “Application for Final Oral Examination”)