About the GIAH

Welcome to the Graduate Institute of Art History (GIAH) at National Taiwan Normal University.

Since its beginnings in 2008, the Graduate Institute of Art History (GIAH) was conceptualized and implemented as a center of cross-cultural education and research. What makes the GIAH unique in Taiwan is its offering two parallel study programs of Eastern and Western Art History. Fostered by its international outline, its main target is to strengthen the dialog between the cultures of Asia and the West. The Institute further combines global disciplinary expertise with a regional focus.

The teaching and research capabilities of our faculty comprise both Eastern and Western art history and art theory as well as visual culture. The Institute’s dualistic structure is expressive testimony of our main concern, the cultural dialog between East and West.

Students find an atmosphere conducive to efficient learning and scientific excellence. By encouraging a vigorous interchange of ideas, we seek to combine academic rigor with intellectual creativity. Compact class sizes make it easy for students to participate actively in discussions and enable the faculty to follow the needs of every individual participant.

Thanks to its international core faculty, the Institute offers a stimulating intellectual environment that encourages the fruitful interchange of ideas by crossing national borders and language barriers alike. In addition, international tenured professors and visiting fellows from abroad are frequently invited to offer courses and lectures. In order to enrich the Institute’s curriculum and to complement education with professional experience, our team is further supported by researchers from the National Palace Museum, Academia Sinica, and other research institutes to teach as adjunct professors.

We, furthermore, aim at fostering international academic exchange and research in Asia, Europe and America. By maintaining an excellent network with partner institutions all over the world, we are internationally well connected.