Director's Message

Welcome to the Graduate Institute of Art History! I invite you to peruse our website and discover who we are and what we do.
Images are more important today than ever. Everyone has to know how to read them. The academic field of Art History offers the unique chance to explore the ways how artists interpret the world with their creations. 
With its two specialized MA programs for Eastern and Western Art History, the GIAH provides outstanding graduate education on an international level. Thanks to its dual focus on Asian and Western Art History, the Institute is particularly devoted to establish strong connections between different cultural areas. The GIAH is unique in Taiwan to additionally offer courses about architectural history in both programs.
It is our mission to let students successfully achieve the Master’s Degree within an appropriate time and thus improve your career opportunities. Compact class sizes help create a productive and inspiring work atmosphere. We make it our business to offer our students as much personal support and counseling as they need.
We are closely collaborating with various partner institutions—museums and research institutes—in the country and abroad. This helps students to broaden their vision of the field and get insight into various career opportunities after graduation.
Please contact us if you would like more information.

Tsai Chia-chu
Director and Associate Professor 
Graduate Institute of Art History, NTNU