Students' Union

Major objectives of the GIAH Students’ Union are to connect students of our Institute with each other and with the Institute’s faculty members, thus creating a spirit of mutual assistance and cooperation. We further organize events, such as academic lecture series and students’ conferences, but also our memorable Spring and Christmas Parties. Our organization charter is based on the school’s Students’ Union Organization Regulations.

Constitution of the Students’ Union of the Institute of Art History, National Taiwan Normal University

Past Boards of the Student’s Union

All the graduate students of our Institute are ex officio members of this union. We are happy to invite all of you to collaborate with us and inspire us with your ideas.

Board of the GIAH Students’ Union (2021/22 Academic Year):

Chairman: 紀慕妮 Chi Mu-Ni
Vice President: 吳宥葳 Wu You-Wei
Academic Affairs: 江佩純 Chiang Pei-Chun, 許朝善 Hsu Chao-Shan, 姚欣岑 Yao Xin-Cen

General Affairs: 洪昊瑀 Hong Hao-Yu, 孫玥 Sun Yue
Sports/Recreation: 許容瑄 Shiu Rung-Shiuan, 劉鈺涵 Liu Yu-Han, 張翰耘 Chang Han Yun 

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