International Students

The Graduate Institute of Art History (GIAH) welcomes talented students from all over the world. With its two MA Graduate Programs of Eastern and Western Art History, the Institute is particularly devoted to establishing strong connections between different cultural areas. Coming from various countries of the world, our faculty members make the Institute an international workplace, where intercultural dialog and multilingualism are essential qualities of daily life.

The Western Art History Program is a Graduate Program Taught in English (GPE). This means that all seminars of Western Art History are EMI courses (English as a Medium of Instruction) and we also provide inter-program elective courses given in English. It is therefore possible to graduate from the Western Art History Program without knowledge of Chinese. In the Eastern Art History Program Mandarin is the common course language. Some courses are taught in English (Historiography, inter-program elective courses).

All professors speak English, some of them are also fluent in French, German, Italian and Japanese.

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