Courses Taught in English


Our Western Art History Program offers a wide range of courses taught in English. In these seminars, students get the possibility to improve their oral communication abilities and academic writing skills by using the English language. Through in-depth analyses of original sources and secondary literature, you will learn how to apply your new language skills to your own texts. 

A sound English knowledge would be the precondition for mastering the assignments and successfully achieve the learning objectives.

Common English Courses of the College

Every semester, the College of Arts (Department of Fine Arts, Department of Design, Graduate Institute of Art History) offers a selection of courses taught in English that are open for students from NTNU, NTU and NTUST. The credits earned in these courses are accepted in every institute/department of the universities mentioned above.
Students from abroad can use the credits as free or elective credits (choose one of them).
You find the whole range of Common English Courses including those taught at the GIAH under the following link: 
Courses in English: College of Arts

Course Searching Online

To see the current list of courses taught in English, you can also check the latest course list.
Please follow the steps below:

You can find the courses conducted in English either on the section T College of Arts or the Department of Fine Arts/Design/Graduate Institute of Art History.

The courses in the College of Arts are for all students in the Department of Fine Arts, Department of Design and Graduate Institute of Art History.